Section 1 – NameThe school shall be known as the LR Preschool, hereinafter referred to as the Cooperative within the Bylaws.


Section 1 – Purpose.  The purpose of the Cooperative shall be to provide an enriching Preschool program for the children attending the school.

Section 2 – Policy.  The Cooperative is a permanently chartered non-profit school, serving the residents of Sayville, Holbrook and surrounding communities.

If the Cooperative, for any reason, however unforeseeable, should be terminated, all assets will be distributed among one or more charities that work for the benefit of children.  This distribution will be determined by the existing Executive Committee.

Section 3 – Calendar.  The calendar for the Cooperative will be established by the Executive Committee based on the calendar of the Sayville School District; however, the Cooperative will remain open on conference days designated by the Sayville School District.  The general membership shall receive notice of the calendar at the first meeting.  In case of hazardous conditions, school will be closed as determined by one of the Supervising Teachers and the Chairperson as well as have the ability to remain open at the school's discretion. In the event that the Chairperson is unavailable, another Executive Committee Member will be called, as necessary.  The parents will be notified by telephone, text, and/or email.  There will be no refunds and/or fee reductions given for school closings.


Section 1 – Any individual who subscribes to the purpose and policy of this Cooperative may become a member of the Cooperative, subject to compliance with the provisions of the Bylaws.  Membership shall be available without regard to race, creed, color, nationality or ethnic origin.  Teachers, teacher assistants, and members in good standing are eligible to vote.

              a.     A member is either a parent or guardian who must participate in class and attend meetings.

              b.       Participating parents or guardians are allowed one vote per family.

c.       The officers of the Executive Committee shall pay 40% tuition for one child in the school, as defrayal for their services to the Cooperative.  An officer or other member with more than one child in the Cooperative, shall pay 80% the lower tuition or tuition for any additional child or children.  In addition, any reasonable school related expenses will be reimbursed subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.  Such reimbursement will be reviewed by our accountant and will be reported to the membership at each General Meeting.

Section 2 – The Cooperative shall conduct an annual enrollment of members, but persons may be admitted to membership prior to March 1st in order set by the waiting list, or dismissed from membership as provided by the Bylaws.

Section 3 – Only members in good standing of the Cooperative shall be eligible to participate in its business meetings, serve in any of its elective or appointive positions, or vote in elections.

Section 4 – Each member of the Cooperative shall pay an annual tuition to be paid on a monthly basis.  Such tuition shall be paid to the Treasurer as designated by the Executive Committee.

Tuition is due on the 1st of the month payable by cash, check or money order made payable to
the Lake Ronkonkoma Preschool.  A $10.00 fine will be imposed if not paid by the 10th of that month.  This fine will be increased to $25.00 if not paid by the 20th of that month. In addition, any expenses incurred by the Cooperative for a returned check must be reimbursed.  The Executive Committee has the right to request a money order if there has been more than one returned check in a school year.

Each member is required to pay an annual insurance fee of $100.00 payable with September tuition.

Tuition is subject to change at the discretion of the Executive Committee to take effect at the beginning of the fiscal year starting August 1st. Any proposed changes for the upcoming year, will be put forth and voted on at the annual Budget and Bylaw meeting.

Members will be subject to automatic dismissal if dues and/or fines remain unpaid 60 days after due date.  Members with fines and/or tuition in arrears will be notified by the Executive Committee.

A member with more than one child in the Cooperative shall pay 80% the lower tuition
for any additional children from the same family while they are attending.

A child withdrawn because of prolonged absence may have his/her name placed at the head of the waiting list if his/her parent or guardian requests. Thirty days written notice must be given in order to withdraw your child from the Cooperative.

To reserve space of an absent child, tuition shall be required.

Members who are not paid up by May 15, without good reason, pending Executive Committee approval, will be asked to leave by June 1.

If for any reason a member withdraws their child from school and a replacement cannot be found, June tuition will not be refunded.


Section 1 – Attendance at General Meetings of the Cooperative is mandatory.

a. A non-member proxy may represent a member at these meetings.  This individual shall not have the rights of a member.

b For any meeting missed without representation or written excuse, a $10.00 fine will be imposed.

c. A member who is fined for such an absence may appeal his/her case in writing within 10 days.  Such appeal must be reviewed by the Executive Committee for final determination.

d. A member who is dropped for failing to fulfill his/her responsibilities as outlined in the Bylaws may not be readmitted without appealing to the Executive Committee in writing.

e. All letters, written excuses, and/or appeals may be dropped off in the secretary’s mailbox, which is located in the second classroom.

Section 2 – If a participating parent cannot attend on his/her assigned duty day for any reason, other than extreme emergency, he/she must do the following:

a. Call any and all names of members in your class list in order to secure a    replacement parent.

b.    For the use of a standby participating parent’s time, a charge of $15.00 will be assessed.  Call the Vice-Chairperson listed in Handbook you received at the first meeting.  This fee will be due to the Treasurer within 10 days.  The participating parent is still responsible for providing parent designated supplies, or reimbursing the standby participating parent in the amount of $15.00 for such items.

c.     An additional fine of $10.00 will be levied on anyone who does not fulfill any of the above
procedures and/or obligations.  A member will be dismissed if the   $10.00 fine is not paid within 10 days of the levying.

Section 3 – A member in her eighth month of pregnancy or with an infant less than two months old is exempt from duties in the classroom unless she desires to volunteer.  She is asked to notify in writing the Vice-Chairperson by the seventh month of pregnancy so that arrangements can be made for substitution.

 a.    In the case of adoption, equal consideration will apply as stated in Section 3.

Section 4 – Illness.

  a.        Members shall notify the school in the event of a contagious disease in the family, e.g., chicken pox, pink eye, head lice, MRSA, Fifth Disease, H1N1 etc.  Notices will be sent out to parents if a child in the school has such infectious diseases. The infected child will need a medical clearance from her/his pediatrician to return to the school.

b.     Members are required to keep their children home with any sign of a cold or other illness. 
Members are required to keep their child home until at least 24 hours after they are free of fever
without the use of fever-reducing medications. If your child has diarrhea and/or vomiting, then
you are required to keep your child home from school until symptoms are gone for 48 hours.

c. Teachers are empowered to send home any child showing signs of illness.

Section 5 – Members are required to fill out a student release form at the beginning of the school year. The form will consist of individuals that the members allow to pick up their children. If someone is coming to pick up the child and they are not on this list, the child will NOT be released to them.  If there are any changes during the year, the teacher must be notified and another form will need to be to filled out.  Teachers must be notified if the substitute (other than parent, regular car pool member or indicated person) will pick up a child and the individual must present a form of photo identification at the time of pick up. 

a.         Parents or car pool drivers must be on hand to pick up their children promptly at dismissal each day. A written notice will be needed if the person is not on the list at dismissal time.  Members
need to call ahead to the school and notify teachers of a substitute pick up if substitute pick up was unplanned.

Section 6 –   All members must fully participate in the mandatory raffle fundraising event.  All other fundraisers are optional.


Section 1 – Enrollment shall be open to any child of a member who is in the proper age group and is physically, mentally and emotionally able.  In the event of a physically or developmentally delayed child, the Executive Committee and the teachers shall make the final decision, with appropriate professional guidance.

a. Enrollment shall consist of groups of no more than 10 children in the two-year-old class, 16
children in each three-year-old class and 20 children in each four-year-old class unless an
additional adult assists in the classroom.

b. For the ongoing enrollment, after December 1st, the child will be admitted to the school upon the discretion of the supervising teacher’s evaluation with the understanding that the child will be repeating one of the programs.
c.         To be eligible for the three year old group, a child will be eligible to enter Kindergarten within two years after admission to the Cooperative and said child must be toilet trained (i.e. Wearing regular underwear).
   d. To be eligible for the four year old group, a child should be eligible to enter Kindergarten within one year after admission to the Cooperative and said child must be toilet trained (i.e. Wearing regular underwear).

e. Applications for admission will be accepted on a first come, first served basis, according to prior
registration with the Chairperson.  Returning three-year-old students are guaranteed a place in the four-year-old class provided proper registration is made by a member in good standing. (see Article III).

f. A registration fee shall be required prior to enrollment and will not be refunded.

g. A returning parent’s registration fee may be applied to satisfy any outstanding fines and/or
tuition incurred in prior years. Subsequently, a new registration fee shall be required. In addition, all outstanding fines and/or tuition must be paid in full prior to registration.

h. Children are required to have proof of the following immunizations before entering the
MEASLES), HIB, PCV, Hep B and VARIVAX (CHICKEN POX) as required by the New York State Board of Health.  Those families who are exempt because of religious or medical reasons must provide documentation to the Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson.

State issued registration of birth is required as proof of child’s age at the time of enrollment.


Section 1 – The Officers of the Cooperative shall be the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Fundraising Chairperson, Purchasing Agent, and Program Coordinator. They shall be elected by the members in good standing at the meeting designated by the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee reserves the right to allow the Executive Committee positions to remain vacant if deemed necessary.

          a.  Officers shall be elected by ballot after letters of interest have been submitted to the Executive Committee.  However, if there is but one nominee for any office, it shall be in order to move that the Secretary cast the elective ballot of the Cooperative for the nominee.  A plurality of the votes cast shall elect the officer.

b.    Officers shall assume their official duties at the close of the last general membership meeting.

c. The Officers and the Supervising Teacher (s) comprise the Executive Committee.

d. Members shall be eligible to be elected to an office if they are presently a member of the
         Cooperative in good standing and will be a member for the subsequent year.  It is strongly
         suggested that the position of Chairperson and treasurer be held by current or past members of the Executive Committee.

e.     For any member wishing to run for office, it is suggested you attend the Budget and Bylaw
        Committee meetings.

     f.     Members interested in running for office should meet with any member of the Executive

g.    A former member returning may run for any position of the Executive Board, as long as left in
                   good standing.

Section 2 – A vacancy occurring in any office shall be filled for the unexpired term by a person elected by a majority vote of the remaining members of the Executive Committee. A tie vote shall be decided by a majority vote of the membership at the large, with the exception of the Vice-Chairperson taking over for the Chairperson.  (see Article VII, Section 9B-Responsibility of the Vice-Chairperson).  If a vacancy occurs in the final vote of the school, a special election will occur in September and will be open to all members.(See Article VII, Section 9b-Responsibility of the Vice-Chairperson).

Section 3 – The positions on the Executive Committee cannot be filled by two members (parents or guardians) of one family during any one school year.


Section 1 – The Cooperative shall be administered by the Executive Committee, which shall consist of the Executive Board and the Supervising Teacher (s).

Section 2 – The Executive Committee shall employ all teachers and teacher assistants subject to the terms of their contracts.

Section 3 – Any exceptions as to the Bylaws can be made to the Executive Committee in writing for a determination.

Section 4- It will be the responsibility of the Executive Committee to enforce fines and penalties imposed.  The Executive Committee can impose a more severe fine or dismiss a child from school for failure to pay a fine, or if a member has not fulfilled his/her obligations and responsibilities.

    a.   The method of these payments and due dates are set forth in the Bylaws  (See Articles III & IV).

b.  A member will be notified of any offense in writing.

            c. Where no specific amount (fine or penalty) is enumerated in the Bylaws, the Executive Committee
will make a determination.

Section 5 – The Executive Committee shall distribute a class list, school calendar and Bylaws shall be available on the school website to the membership.  A paper form of the Bylaws shall available upon request to the Executive Committee.

Section 6 – Your teacher shall distribute a phone chain with addresses and phone numbers to be filled out by the legal parent/guardian at their own discretion.

Section 7 - The Board of trustees will consist of the Executive Committee.

Section 8 – The Executive Committee, along with the membership, shall make certain the meeting area is in proper order at the conclusion of any meeting.

Section 9 – No position on the Executive Committee, with the exception of Supervising Teacher, may be occupied for more than three consecutive years by one person, but that person may seek another position on the Executive Committee.

Section 10 – Duties and Responsibilities of the Officers of the Executive Committee.

a. Chairperson.  The Chairperson shall call all meetings of the membership and preside at those
meetings.  He/she shall receive all the names for the four-year-old waiting list.  He/she shall be a
   member ex-officio of all committees, which he/she may attend at his/her option.  He/she shall have the
   usual powers of supervision as may pertain to the office of the Chairperson as set forth in ROBERT’S
RULES OF ORDER.  He/she shall handle all school insurance matters.  He/she shall type contracts for the teachers, teacher’s assistants and executive committee members. The elected Chairperson shall act as an advisor for the year following his/her term of office.

            b.Vice-Chairperson.  The Vice-Chairperson shall, in the event of absence, death, or disability of the
Chairperson, possess all the powers and perform all the duties of that office.  He/she shall chair all
   sub-committees unless otherwise specified.  He/she shall handle publicity.  He/she shall have the
   responsibility of scheduling the participating parents when necessary and provide monthly
   participating parent sheets. He/she shall receive all names for the three-year-old waiting list and    additional programs as needed. He/She will be responsible for updating and maintaining social media accounts. The elected Vice-Chairperson shall act as an advisor for the year following his/her term of office.

             c. Secretary.  The Secretary shall keep minutes of all meetings of both membership and Executive
Committee.  He/she shall issue all calls or notices of meetings and shall write all such letters as the
Executive Committee shall designate. He/ she shall type Bylaws, revise all forms, arrange telephone chains, type class sheets and send out fine letters to members not attending meetings as stated in the Bylaws.  He/she will be responsible for providing the school with a newsletter. He/she shall keep the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the membership up to date. He/She will be responsible for updating and maintaining the school website. The elected Secretary shall act as an advisor for the year following his/her term of office.

d. Treasurer.  The Treasurer shall have custody of all funds of the Cooperative, keep a full and accurate
account of receipts and expenditures, and present a financial statement at every meeting of the Cooperative.  The Treasurer will maintain possession of the ATM/Bank card of the Cooperative and will use the ATM/Bank card.At the annual meeting, the Treasurer shall make a full report. All checks or drafts must be signed by at least two officers of the Executive Committee. The Treasurer will receive funds for additional programs. He/she will be responsible for collecting tuition and fines.  He/she shall send out fine letters to members not attending meetings as stated in the Bylaws. The Treasurer shall prepare the proposed budget (s) to be submitted to the Budget Committee.  The elected Treasurer shall act as an advisor for the year following his/her term of office. 

           e. Fundraising Chairperson.  The Fundraising Chairperson shall chair the Fundraising Committee and all
subcommittees.  The Fundraising Chairperson is responsible for all monies collected at fundraising
events. The Fundraising Chairperson will be responsible for the yearbook. He/she shall be responsible for the scholastic-related programs and activities for the preschool. The elected Fundraising
Chairperson shall act as advisor for the year following his/her term of office.

f. Purchasing Agent. 

g. Supervising Teacher (s).  The Supervising Teacher(s) will be elected by the Executive Committee. 
The Supervising Teacher(s) shall supervise the teachers and be a member of the Executive Committee. 
The Supervising Teacher(s) shall call meetings of the teachers when necessary.  He/she shall prepare a
report for the monthly meeting of the Executive Committee.  He/she shall present a report on the
school program at the first monthly parent meeting of the school year.  The Supervising Teachers’
approval shall be necessary for the supply lists submitted by the teachers.  He/she shall coordinate a
semi-annual inventory of all school supplies.  One teacher or teacher’s assistant may come with the
   Supervising Teacher(s) to all Executive Committee Meetings. All evaluations and reports need to be
   submitted to the supervising teachers before going to outside agencies/districts.

h. Program Coordinator.   The Program Coordinator shall have the responsibility of the separation,
summer camp, and any after-school programs.  He/she shall receive all names for the separation
waiting list and additional programs as needed.  He/she will be responsible for collecting tuition for
any additional programs.  The elected Program Coordinator shall act as an advisor for the year
following his/her term of office.

Section 11 – At least one executive board member must be present at all fundraising activities to handle monies.


Section 1 – Teachers.  Supervising teacher(s) must be provisionally or permanently certified as stated in the New York Charter.  All other teachers must be experienced, qualified, screened and must meet the requirements as laid out by the Supervising Teacher(s).  The Supervising Teacher(s) shall select and administer the programs and materials with the approval of the Executive Committee.

a.      Teachers shall determine when new equipment is necessary.  If money is available, the
Treasurer authorizes the purchase with the consent of the Executive Committee.

b. In the event a child presents a problem demanding too much attention, after appropriate parent
communication, the teacher shall have the authority to request observation by the Supervising
Teacher (s).  After the Supervising Teacher’s report has been reviewed by the Executive
Committee, a decision for dismissal may be made.  At the time of parent notification, the Teacher,
Supervising Teacher (s) and Chairperson (or Vice-Chairperson) must be present.

1.  In the event the child in question is in the Supervising Teacher’s class, another teacher will do the secondary observation.

    c.      Teachers shall give one month’s notice before leaving their position.

d.    A teacher who has a child in the Cooperative will have the same rights and responsibilities as the other members of the cooperative.

           e.      A teacher who has a child in the Cooperative may not be assigned in this capacity to his/her child’s class unless no other classes are available.

f. A teacher is responsible for giving adequate notice if they are unable to attend a parent meeting. They are responsible for notifying the supervising teacher, as well.

Section 2 – Teacher’s Assistants.  Each teacher shall have a permanent paid assistant to assist him/her during class.

a.   The appointment and salary of the permanent paid teacher’s assistant shall be subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

b. A teacher’s assistant will be required to attend parent meetings.

c.    A teacher’s assistant may not be assigned in this capacity to his/her own child’s class unless no other classes are available.

d. A teacher’s assistant who has a child in the Cooperative will have the same rights and
responsibilities as the other members of the Cooperative.


Section 1 – The Executive Committee shall have at least one Executive Committee meeting a month.  Special meetings shall be called at the discretion of the Chairperson upon due notice to the members of the Executive Committee.

Section 2 – The last general membership meeting is designated the annual meeting.

a. The proposed Budget and Bylaws for the upcoming year will be presented for review and vote by the general membership at a meeting designated by the Executive Committee.

b. General membership meetings scheduled for the upcoming year shall be designated by the Executive Committee.

Section 3 – A quorum will consist of 2/3 of the total membership.


Section 1 – Budget/Bylaw Committee. A Bylaw Committee will be established at one of the General Meetings.

a. Its purpose will be to review existing Bylaws and prepare suggested changes.

b. The Chairperson shall chair the Bylaw Committee and present a final report to the Executive Committee and membership.

c. Two representatives from each class are required for this committee. Attendance is mandatory. 
If no one volunteers, a lottery will be drawn for the attendants.  If a representative cannot be
present at the Bylaw meeting, that representative is responsible for securing a replacement and notifying the Executive Committee of such change.

  d. Its purpose will be to submit a proposed budget for approval for the upcoming school year  (See  Article IX, Section 2a).

f. The fiscal year of the Cooperative shall begin on August 1.

Section 2 – Fundraising Committee.  The Fundraising Committee will be established at the first parent meeting.

a. The Fundraising Chairperson will chair this committee.

Section 3 – Miscellaneous Committees. Committees shall be appointed from time to time by the Chairperson as deemed necessary to carry on the work of the Cooperative.

a. The Chairperson shall have the right to appoint all heads of committees.

Section 1 – Pursuant to New York State Law, Section 202 (a) (4), This Corporation shall have the power in furtherance of its corporate purpose to purchase, receive, take by grant, gift, devise, bequest, or otherwise, lease or otherwise acquire, own, hold, improve, employ, use, and otherwise deal in and with real or personal property, or any interest therein.


Section 1 – Any waiver, modification, alteration, improvement, deletion, or addition that will change our Bylaws shall be known as an amendment.

a. An amendment can be proposed by any member of the Cooperative or Bylaw Committee at any time.  Changes should be presented to the Bylaw Committee in writing for processing.

b. The amendment (s) must be submitted to the membership in writing either seven days in advance of vote or at the previous General Membership meeting.

c. The amendment (s) will be enacted or rescinded by 2/3’s vote of the parent membership at large.

d. If the amendment (s) or change (s) are enacted, they will take effect immediately.

Article XIII – Security

Section 1 - As per the school policy, the doors will be opened at 9:20 am for drop off and 11:50 am for pick up.  For the 2 year olds, it will be opened at 9:35 am for drop off and 11:35 am for pick up.  For school activities, the doors will be opened 10 mins. Prior to dismissal.  The door will not be opened prior to 9:20 am.  Members need to make plans accordingly.

Latecomers are to either ring the school's doorbell or call the classroom telephone, (631) 589-3210, and a staff member will open the door.