About us

Our mission statement:
We believe in learning through experience. We encourage the child’s growth and free expression of ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. We are gentle, affectionate and reassuring as we guide your child in their everyday  classroom experience. We provide learning through play, security the routines, and guidance through careful involvement.

What is a cooperative?

A  cooperative or parent participation preschool is one in which the parents assume the many responsibilities of the administration of the school. A cooperative preschool  provides a safe and varied environment that allows your child to develop socially as well as physical, emotionally and academically. Moreover, a cooperative preschool allows you to see your child in a preschool situation. You will also see the work with other children the same age as your child. A cooperative preschool is a growing and changing organization; no two years of the same: new ideas are advanced, some are retained, and some are discarded. The organization depends upon ideas, and the new members are encouraged to suggest new ideas and changes for the improvement of the school. You, as a participating parent, can I help share in shaping the program that helps develop your child. You are a vital to the functioning of your child’s school. We feel that these are some of the greatest advantages of the cooperative school.


We have a fully integrated curriculum that is developmentally-appropriate for the preschool child. During the year, teachers plan and develop Curriculum based in all areas of academics. This will prepare your child both academically and socially for their future school experiences.